Review: The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson

the woman code

Inner Cover Book Summary: “Women are powerful yet peaceful.  We are strong yet sensitive.  We are listeners yet we lead.  We are resilient yet we remember.  We are sacred yet sensual.  We are wives and we are mothers.  We are single and we are caretakers.  We are spiritual and we are sisters.  There is something about women that makes us uniquely connected and, beyond that, simply powerful!  Too many of us have spent our lives looking outside of ourselves for guiding principles.  In The Woman Code, author, journalist, and TV personality Sophia Nelson shows women that everything we need to lead the lives we want is already inside us.  Nelson helps women create a road map of timeless values coupled with modern-day approaches to help us face the challenges of our time.  It is time for women to return to a universal Code of personal and collective conduct, a Code that will allow us to fulfill all we are born to be.”


The Woman Code by Sophia A.  Nelson is an inspiring book.  It made me call myself out a few times and realize that I still have a few personal things I need to work through.  The chapters are split up into five sections – “The Personal Codes,” “The Emotional Codes,” “The Spiritual Codes,” “The Professional Codes,” “The Relational Codes.”

Each section spoke to me in a different way, but the section I most enjoyed was “The Personal Codes.”  The Code I loved most out of this section was Code 1 – “Know Your Value.”  It is off this Code that all the other Codes are built.  To me, it is one of the most powerful Codes.

I would have rated this five stars, but after about half way through the book, I felt as if I were trudging through it.  Yes, those Codes are important, but to me, it seemed as if the author placed more emphasis on the Codes in the first half of the book.  The first ones were more powerful for me.  I was also planning on buying this book, but the Codes I loved the most I basically have memorized.  For this reason, The Woman Code has been placed lower on my must-buy list.

The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson is a good read.  I do suggest you read it, especially if you think it could be helpful.  I am including the Amazon link below; I am going to include the link in all of my future reviews for added convenience.  Drop me a comment with your thoughts if you’ve read the book (or if you have any comments).  I would love to hear your opinion!

AMAZON LINK: The Woman Code


4 thoughts on “Review: The Woman Code by Sophia A. Nelson

    1. travelingacrosspages says:

      I mean, in terms of length, it was one of the shortest I have read. I just had trouble making my way through the last half. Normally the length of non-fiction books doesn’t bother me. It was a great read, though!


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